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Company Policy

Patterer GmbH has been manufacturing parts and assemblies for the automotive, electronics and telecommunications industries since 1991. All equipment and tools required for production are designed and assembled in-house.
The success of our company is based on the following guiding principles:

​​Ensuring customer satisfaction

  • Fulfilment of customer requirements.

  • The quality of our products is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Our goal is a satisfied and enthusiastic customer.

Maintaining high quality

  • Ensuring consistently high quality is the most important management task.​​

  • The continuous improvement process (CIP) is designed to minimise the need for corrective measures through targeted preventative measures.

  • Continuous improvement of the management system.

  • Identification of all employees with the quality characteristics of the products in every phase of the manufacturing process.


Cleanliness and tidiness

  • Are the basic prerequisites for the production of high-precision components.

  • A clean workplace, operational machines and tools as well as functional test equipment are a matter of course for every employee.

Innovative product realisation

  • In the future, only companies that are innovative and see improvement processes as a challenge will be successful.

  • Questioning the status quo and developing forward-looking but also economically viable solutions are our constant tasks.

  • As a private commercial enterprise, we work in a sales- and profit-orientated manner in order to maintain a certain degree of financial independence when making new investments.




Protecting the environment

  • ​​We see the protection of the environment as an important contribution for future generations, which is why we prefer to work with environmentally certified suppliers.

  • Reducing our consumption not only benefits the environment but also reduces our costs.

  • We check new products with regard to their impact on quality, the environment and occupational safety.

  • We ensure that both our suppliers and our company comply with/fulfil the legal requirements.

  • We treat complaints from interested parties in the same way as customer complaints.



Employee motivation and protection

  • ​​Employee satisfaction is just as important to us as the health and safety of our employees.

  • We develop our qualified and motivated employees to act entrepreneurially, to think holistically and to continuously improve the processes in our company.

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