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Our product range includes high-precision stamped and bent parts made of materials from 0.02 mm to 3 mm in thickness and strip widths of up to 150 mm. We also manufacture complete assemblies and plastic composite parts. All desired surface treatments are also available in our production programme. In addition to the production of stamped, bent and composite parts, we also develop complete systems for you.

Stamped parts

Various stamped parts produced by us are shown below.

Stamped part
Stamping part

Bent parts

Various bent parts produced by us are illustrated below.

Bent part
Bent part

Composite parts

Various composite parts produced by us are illustrated below.

Composite part
composite parts

IDC insulation displacement contact

We manufacture IDC insulation displacement contacts for enamelled copper wires with diameters of 0.13 - 1.02 mm (AWG 36 - AWG18). These insulation displacement contacts can be combined with various customer connections.

We have designed the PATPIN for a perfect gas-dense and reliable Printed circuit board connection. This contact is equipped with a flexible press-fit zone that fulfils the requirements and specifications of the IEC 60352-5 (DIN 60352-5) automotive standard.

​IDC insulation displacement contact
IDC insulation displacement contacts
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