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In the area of tool part production, we have the latest precision machines from well-known market leaders. The machining of special steels and carbide in the µ range is our daily challenge. We also manufacture customised tools and tool spare parts.



From concept development and prototype production to series production readiness

An experienced development team with extensive expertise and consulting skills, supported by state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems, designs customised punching, bending and assembly tools on 2D and 3D systems as well as completely self-sufficient production lines, e.g. for the manufacture of plastic, metal and composite products.

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High-performance, stamping and bending tools, as well as progressive and assembly tools, are constantly kept functional and ready for use by highly qualified employees.

Production at the highest level requires not only precise high-performance tools but also top-class production facilities and peripheral systems. This is the prerequisite for the production of precision articles in small/medium and large series, with the highest level of quality.

If required, selected subcontractors supply raw tool parts, which are completed in-house with state-of-the-art equipment to form process-capable production lines in the stamping, bending and assembly areas.



State-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified employees in the area of tool part production enable the precision of our products right from the tool production stage!

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Stamping & Bending

One of our specialities is the development and design of stamping and bending assembly tools.

Decades of experience and corresponding technical KNOW HOW, as well as sound knowledge in the manufacture of production equipment, especially in the miniature-visualised design of part geometries, give us the best prerequisites for future-oriented requirements in this area.

State-of-the-art 3D / CAD systems enable process simulations as early as the mould design stage.

Plastics production

We have our own plastic parts production department for the manufacture of our composite parts.

The processed plastic granulates for the automotive and electronics industry are e.g. PBT, LCP and PA

Assembly production

Patterer develops and manufactures customised special systems / assembly lines for the production of plastic composite parts.

On the assembly line shown here, complicated plug contacts for the automotive industry are assembled, tested and packaged fully automatically.

The components are inspected with a camera and then automatically placed in a blister belt packaging by a robot.


Our products are given the finishing touches through various processes at the request of our customers:


  • Vibratory grinding

  • cleaning

  • Surface coating by selected partners

  • Demagnetisation

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Packaging solutions

Packaging solutions can be used according to customer requirements!
We can offer you the following variants for automatic further processing, for example:

  • ​​Punched grids manufactured on reels with intermediate paper layers

  • Individual parts in "tape and reel" or in "trays"

Laser welding

The development and production of customised tools for the manufacture of laser-welded composite and assembly parts is one of the latest manufacturing options we can offer.

We use Trumpf laser units for this technology. Additionally, camera systems check the welding quality.

Thanks to our modular tools, we can realise different crimping zones for a wide variety of wire cross-sections for our customers!

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Winding technology

The development and manufacture of customised tools for the production of windings and coils is one of the latest manufacturing options we can offer.

We use state-of-the-art winding machines from renowned manufacturers for this technology. Additional testing systems ensure that the winding quality is monitored and guaranteed.

Thanks to our modular tooling systems, we are able to realise different winding configurations for our customers for a wide range of wire thicknesses and types!

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