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Your partner for production technology

​We are a young, performance-orientated company that produces high-quality stamped and bent parts, contact elements, composite and assembly parts for customers in the electronics, automotive, communications and appliance technology sectors. We specialise in the co-development and manufacture of composite parts (plastic + metal parts). Our tool and equipment design and toolmaking are the basis for an optimised process flow with the highest quality.


since 1991


On 19 January 1991, Hans Patterer founded the company Patterer GmbH, based in Rieden am Forggensee. At the same time, he took over the management of the company and can now look back on many years of professional experience as a managing director in the technical and commercial fields. In 2002, his nephew Markus Egger joined the company as the second managing director and has been running it since 2007. 


Patterer GmbH specialises in the manufacture of electrical and electronic components. Precision contact parts are manufactured according to customer-specific requirements. All equipment and tools required for production (mainly high-performance stamping tools) are designed in-house. The latest technologies in the production area have provided Patterer GmbH with a loyal customer base and thus secure jobs.

The company currently employs 40 people in addition to the managing director. The management provides adequate resources and trained personnel. If required, external bodies are commissioned for QM system matters and have been supporting us since the first DIN EN ISO 9001 certification in December 2000.


State-of-the-art measuring technologies enable us to ensure the quality of high-precision stamped and bent parts and complete....


Our product range includes high-precision stamped and bent parts made from materials from 0.02 mm to 3 mm thick and strip widths of up to 150 mm. ....

Company policy

Since 1991, Patterer GmbH has been manufacturing parts and assemblies for the automotive, electronics and .....

Hans Patterer (founder of Patterer GmbH)

*20.08.1942          †26.05.2024

Patterer GmbH is deeply saddened to announce the unexpected and sudden death of its founder and owner Hans Patterer on Sunday, 26 May 2024.


Hans Patterer founded our company on 19 January 1991 with great commitment and foresight. Under his visionary leadership, Patterer GmbH developed into a successful and respected company in our industry. He always emphasised innovation, quality and close cooperation with our customers and suppliers.


A significant part of his life's work was also the founding of our sister company Patterer Technical Parts Company Limited in Thailand on 10 February 2006. Hans Patterer was very proud of how successfully this company developed.


In 2007, Hans Patterer handed over the operational management of Patterer GmbH, but remained active as senior partner. In this role, he contributed his valuable experience, deep insights and wise advice, which played a key role in the continuous development and stability of Patterer GmbH. His tireless commitment and dedication leave a huge gap, both on a personal and entrepreneurial level.


Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones in these difficult times. The staff and management will do everything possible to uphold the values and principles he exemplified and to continue on the path he has chosen in his spirit.


We thank you for your sympathy.

Our founder

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